Sailing adventure

We have finally headed off on our sailing adventure.  Keep up to date here


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About Parengo

Parengo is slightly less than 60 acres, on the Kilmog hill north of Dunedin. It incorporates a large active slip and a stable spur, sloping gently west from SH1 to a gully, with a schist ridge on the far side.

Originally it was part of a sheep-farm, which ceased in the mid-80’s. The land at that stage was bony, acidic and wormless (always a bad sign!).

We planted trees on the slip, to slurp-up the water which lubricates it. This never stops the process, merely slows it down.

We live and do our stuff on the spur, which doesn’t move. Care still has to be taken with storm-water (and other water) run-off even so.

It is a family operation – we all participate in planting, pruning, thinning, and the ‘boys’ have their own sleepouts and infrastructure. The aim is to hand it on generation to generation in ‘as good or better’ condition.

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